According to my insta feed self care should always involve lying in/on a crisp white duvet while eating an impeccably prepared smoothie bowl.

I mean, isn’t this the bed everybody pretends to have when they talk about time out and self care? They’re also the same people who share pictures of themselves smiling over a bowl of lettuce, or doing yoga beside an infinity pool.

K, I’m being mean. I love lots of people who share pics like that ( including myself!) but you should know that I found this picture in a bunch of stock images when I searched for
“female self care”.

This is bad news ladies. Instead of actually taking time to refuel and rest we worry about whether we used the right filter for that picture of our lunch. And instead of just taking a bath we worry about whether the candles we lit for our Insta story are made from organic hand poured soy or generic ones from K Mart.

Meanwhile, my house is currently covered from floor to ceiling in kid crap. Not literal crap, that would be truly unfortunate, I mean crayons, scraps of paper, soft toys, socks, hats, shoes and a school bag that I don’t want to open because I’m worried I forgot to take out yesterday’s lunchbox out and it now contains two days worth of old food. But, I really needed some down time this afternoon after a busy and emotional weekend. So I put the kids in front of Paw Patrol, lay on my bed for 10 minutes of headspace, then put on my sweat pants and ordered curry for dinner from our local take away. That was a form of self care for me. If you have small children Self Care could also be something as simple as taking a shower, or changing your bedsheets.

The point here is: I’m all for beautiful baths surrounded by soy scented candles, but let’s stop faking how/where we taking our ” self care” to entice people to like our stuff. It’s setting ourselves up for just another thing that we have to be good at, and taking away from all the wonderful benefits that self care brings.

Word to your mother!
P.S if you want to learn how to choose Self Care that really works for you, and doesn’t require any extra effort I’ve got something spesh for you in my  Gutsy Mums program.



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