When I started my USANA business my life was suddenly filled with opportunities to meet gobs of very influential people, and last month I was ecstatic to have the chance hear Tony Robbins live at our convention.

Ever since Shallow Hal came out i’ve always wanted to be stuck in an elevator with him to have a transformational experience! Besides being highly motivational, inspiring and very direct he was also compassionate. His session for me was a very emotional journey that allowed me to explore the beliefs and emotions that are controlling my life.



Never before have I been in a room with such incredible intensity. In between jumping, screaming, dancing, hugging and kissing the people around me I somehow managed to take quite a few pages of notes. I re-read them once I got home and circled a few take-aways:

  1. It is not our ability that stops us from achieving it is the state we have learned to live in. Our emotions control and determine the quality of our lives. We can change our emotions, or our state, immediately by changing our physical posture- the way we hold our body, the way we breathe, use our face etc. The mind will follow whatever state your physical body is in, not vice versa. Remember, emotion is created by motion!


  1. Most of us have limiting beliefs or “stories” that do not serve us.  These are things that hold us back from achieving our goals, or what we are truly capable of. Perhaps you have a story that you couldn’t run a business while raising a family, or maybe you are too shy to go after what you really want, or you’re too old, too young, weren’t raised by the right family, didn’t grow up in the right area etc. The reality is none of that is true unless you allow it to be your reality. Life only has the meaning WE bring to it.  The good news is once you have identified what your “stories” are things can change in an instant because we have the POWER to change our stories. In the words of Tony Robbins “ Divorce your story and marry the truth!”
  1. If you are in business and are looking to build a personal brand with satisfied, loyal customers- do it by adding value to people in a way no one else can. Do something for others that no one else is doing. Do it more than anyone else. Do it when we don’t feel like it. Do it when it’s inconvenient. When you feel like you have nothing to give, that is the exact time to give.

This only scratches the surface of what I learned from Tony Robbins, he shared so much more. I still can’t believe that for the price of my convention ticket I was able to see him live in the flesh, so I’m very grateful to USANA for giving that gift to all people in attendance. At this time in my particular career his session was truly a gift.




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