Does it seem like everyone you know has got into fitness in a big way lately? I think the trend is fabulous, and there are thousand of exercises and options to choose from.

Many claim to be The Best, kinda like this place claims to have the worlds best cup of coffee.

People who do ‘the best’ exercise never seem to pass up an opportunity to tell you about it, amiright?

We’ve all had that co- worker or friend who won’t stop talking about their training ( and yes, they call it training, not ‘going to the gym because I had a massive pie last night’). They love to get into the details about how this particular exercise was founded  by some guy who was trekking through the Amazonian jungle, when he stumbled upon an ancient training plan written in hieroglyphics on the wall of a temple from a long lost civilisation, which makes it the best.

I’ve had my fair share of conversations like this too. But when my hubby kicks me under the table to stop me from saying something insulting or embarrassing, I take the hinterruption and keep my mouth closed.

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m all about helping you get sweaty in pursuit of your goals. But I don’t believe there is a ‘best’. No matter what workout people swear by there is always the possibility of too much of a good thing.

People who only do yoga might be flexible and strong, but it’s tough to stretch away that beer gut. People who only lift weights but don’t do cardio may look cut, but they could also die at 53 after getting winded midway up a flight of stairs and falling to their doom. People who only swim… ok, they actually look pretty good. But that doesn’t mean we should be closed minded to other forms of exercise.

If you’re just starting out here’s what you need to know: The best exercise plan is the one you can follow.

Some really common mistakes are:

  • Starting at a higher intensity than necessary
  • Forcing yourself to do activities you hate
  • Expecting results right away

If you’re honest with yourself about your current fitness level, it will stop you from jumping into something too hard and risking injury. Assess where you’re at and then start simple. You don’t have to approach your training with the sort of scientific precision of a professional athlete.  Just get moving.

Another helpful thing is to take inventory of all the healthy activities you enjoy. Don’t feel like you need to go for a 10k run if you find running boring. Maybe playing a team sport works better for you, or swimming or dancing. Whatever it is it’s important you look forward to exercise, not dread it. And mixing it up is always helpful.

It’s also wise to check yo’self a.ka.  your unrealistic expectations. As much as I wish it were true one trip to the gym isn’t going to reshape your body or improve your fitness. The more consistent you are the better you’ll feel and the more visible your results will be.

Lastly, remember that exercise is just one part of the equation. You can’t exercise your way out of unhealthy eating habits. They go hand in hand like kale chips and tofu dip.

What exercise are you into at the moment?

I’d love to know! x



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