One of our family goals this year is to do 30 minutes of Personal Development every day. We are currently working our way through Darren Hardy’s Insane Productivity. If he ever makes this program available again you should definitely think about doing it because it has been Insanely good!! He has allowed me to take a brutally honest look at my life and highlighted the crippling habits I have that stop me from being more productive.

One of those things is multi-tasking. Say what? I know! I thought the same thing when he shared this. I have always thought that multi tasking makes me more efficient. Darren Hardy has taught me that, that is a myth. In fact “ when we multi task it is inevitable that each individual task be slower and of lower quality”- James Johnson research psychologist at NASA. If you want to find out why, you need to enroll in his program!

CNN World reported that when people switch between tasks ( LIke me trying to listen to someone on the phone and read my email at the same time- sorry guys, I ALWAYS do this) it lowers your IQ by 10 points. When someone smokes marijuana their IQ is only lowered by 5 points! So essentially, when I ” multi task” I am actually walking through my day STONED!

At the end of this module he left us a challenge to not multi task for one whole week. That means when I’m on the phone  I am listening, not checking emails, doing washing or sorting through Franklins clothes. When my husband comes home from work and is telling me about his day I am listening, not on my phone updating my instagram. When i’m in the bathroom, I’m just going to the bathroom ( you’d be surprised at the things I can get done while in the bathroom hehe)

I am so looking forward to this week and can’t wait to see what happens to my productivity when I focus on one task at a time. Will you join me in this challenge?



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