This month is Health Literacy Month, and a few days ago I was approached by Oscar Insurance to be a part of their health campaign. I had never heard of Oscar before so I did a bit of research on the company, and have found them to be pretty dang awesome with a very unique approach to health care. They view their members as partners, and have very cool features to help people be proactive about their health rather than just being involved when all the medical bills are coming in. One of my favorite ideas is their gym reimbursement program, totally love that! If you are living in New York or New Jersey you must check them out!

They’ve asked me to blog about my Health Hero. When I look back on my health journey I can definitely point to two key friends who have changed my life for the better when It comes to looking after myself. So I dedicate this post to my health hero’s.

The first is my good friend Erin Summerill. Before I met her I thought working out meant running on the treadmill for an hour at the same pace. I was skinny but I wasn’t fit. In 2005 I started taking Erin’s aerobics class and It totally revolutionized the way I viewed exercise. She taught me about interval training and how important it was to get my heart rate up during the cardio peaks. I also learned why it was important to add resistance into my training, so we would skip one minute and then lunge across the room with 10 pound weights, do triceps kick backs, squats and booty exercises.. tons and tons of booty exercises. For the first time in my LIFE I gained muscle definition and felt the magic endorphins that come when you are totally spent after a great workout.

Erin is still teaching aerobics today and when we visit her in Utah I make sure to get to one of her classes for a good butt kicking! After 4 kids I hope I look as good as she does.



My second health hero came into my life seven years later when I was searching for a company called  USANA Health Sciences, that Dr Libby Weaver had encouraged me to look further into. I found a distributor, Wick Nixon, and she committed me to take part in a Spring health challenge. It didn’t take long for me to realize that when it came to health and fueling my body Wick was an expert. She mentored me throughout the spring challenge which has turned into a life long health journey for me.

She inspired me to cook more and experiment with new vegetable based recipes. My baking repertoire suddenly expanded to include ingredients like agave nectar, cacao powder and buckwheat flour. Since then we have developed a close friendship and I still turn to her for kitchen inspiration. She inspires me to love my food and enjoy the eating process and my life has changed for the better from knowing her.




Who is your health hero? Who is the person who helps to keep your health on track. What do they do to educate or motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle? Please share! xx



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