Lasagna used to be one of my favorite meals, in fact I loved it so much that we even served it at our wedding! Now that our family has transitioned to being mostly gluten free ( and by this I do not mean we are food nazi’s that don’t have any fun so please still invite us over to your dinner parties!), we never eat it anymore.

That was until I found a healthier, more nutrient dense version of our favorite meal. To make this you simply replace the pasta with thinly sliced and seasoned sweet potato, zucchini and pumpkin.

For the protein I replaced the minced beef with brown lentils, quinoa and mixed that in with crushed tomato, tomato paste, basil, parsley and agave syrup.

You make it in the same way you would a lasagna by layering the sweet potato on the bottom and then covering with the quinoa mix. Add the next layer of zucchini, and top with quinoa mix. Finally top your lasagna with pumpkin and bang it in the oven.

I serve this with Dr Libby’s macadamia nut pesto which is super yummy and compliments it perfectly. Enjoy! x

Zuchinni (1)pumpkin (1)macpesto (1)



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