I LOVE parties. What I don’t love so much are all the sugary treats that are usually served at parties. I have very little self control when I see chocolate ( which is why I try not to have any at home- out of sight out of mind) so when I head to a party and they have a buffet table full of the stuff, I can tend to go a little overboard.

We decided for Franklin’s first birthday that we would change the culture of parties a little. We don’t want him associating birthdays with tons of junk food- it really does spoil the fun! So, while our party was not completely sugar free I was pretty satisfied with what we served.

Our menu consisted of:

Bacon wrapped potato bites
Toasted chibata topped with herbed ricotta and tomato slices
Sweet potato rounds with coriander pesto
A veggie platter of carrot sticks, celery, cucumber and hummus
Mini spinach and ricotta fritata
Banana and apple mini muffins ( which cream cheese frosting, thanks mum!)
Fruit pops dipped in greek yogurt
Mini versions of the birthday cake which was a Paelo Chocolate Raspberry Ganache cake
Birthday cake

It was a really lovely celebration and given me lots of things to think about for next year!

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