My mum is famous in our hood for making doughnuts. When family visit from out of town, or oversea’s it’s the first thing they will ask her to make. I have to admit they are pretty dang good, I mean who doesn’t like heated sweet bread dipped in a sugary glaze hmmm.

Unfortunately my hips and butt just don’t agree with them.

Today I made a healthier alternative to doughnuts, well not really an alternative as they are nothing like a doughnut, they are just apples made to LOOK like doughnuts. Research tells us that we eat with our eyes first so the key is making them look delicious. I am pretty sure kids will love these as well so it’s a win win for all.

I am sure there are a thousand different toppings ideas so I would love to hear what interesting combinations you come up with.

The four toppings I used here are:

Peanut butter with sliced almonds
Greek Yogurt with cinnamon
Greek Yogurt and raspberries
Honey and banana

If you do make these i’d love to see how they turn out so please share!





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