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A month-long program to support you in health, motherhood and happiness.

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Do You…
Feel like your life is so busy you don’t even have time to figure out why you’re so tired? 
Have You…
Ever felt like you have to do everything on your to do list or life will fall apart?
Do You…
Get sick often, feel boated after eating or have trouble staying ‘regular’? 

This program is for you.

Here’s the hard truth:

We’ve been told that if we exercise, eat well and find balance between work and kids we’ll be happy.

They lied.

That’s only a small part of the puzzle.
And this lie keeps us in a constant state of guilt, exhaustion and feeling like we’re always falling short.

Gutsy Mums

is a month long program to support you in ending patterns of over-doing and under self-caring (yes, that’s a word now), and exhaustion all while healing your gut and overall health.


You want the best for your kids, to be a fun mum, a great wife, present friend, community contributor, good sister, totally productive and vibrantly healthy.

I get it. I want all of those things too!

But the way we treat motherhood today is with the deck already stacked against us. There are things we could be doing to be healthier, happier, more loving, more spiritual, sexier, more balanced, more of service and more successful every minute of every day.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

Let me show you how you can live the life you want, without having to DO more to have it.
Get clarity on the steps to take to clear out the clutter and feel great every day.

And you thinking…

Who am I to take this time for me?

Who am I to claim what I want?

Who am I to spend this money on myself?

…is a massive missed opportunity.

You, your children, partner and community, deserve to experience the fullest version of you.
Feeling vibrant and healthy.


Let’s come together and create our most joyful, gutsy lives.


I cannot compliment Tiffany enough for the personalised service she gave me and the incredible results I received from trying some of her products. I felt so much more energised and rested after only one month and would recommend them and Tiffany’s business to anyone. – Jodi Pascoe

Tiffany’s guidance, support and knowledge was invaluable to me at the beginning of the year.  Knowing that I could get help, recipes, ideas, fitness and general health tips whenever I needed them through her website, support group or through contact with her was exactly what I needed – thank you Tiffany! – Janine Youle

My Story:

Before I had kids, I devoted years of my life to feeling amazing in my body. I had an incredible exercise regime and the food down pat.

But after I had my first child I felt like all the freedom I had was gone. Being a mother was so all consuming I felt I never had the time to implement the habits I wanted. My second child came along and the amount of logistics, laundry, dishes, errands and cooking as well as trying to bring in income,  became overwhelming.

On top of all of that I was so aware of how I was ‘failing’ as a woman. There are so many suggestions of how I ‘should be’ living. I was so aware of the green smoothies I wasn’t drinking, the meditation I wasn’t doing, the productivity hacks I wasn’t implementing, the workouts I wasn’t fitting in, the amazing sex I could be having but wasn’t, the healthy lunchboxes I wasn’t making, the deep breaths I wasn’t taking and the beautiful home I wasn’t living in.

Where was the joy?

Where was my energy?

Where was ME!?

I realized I was falling into the trap that so many women get stuck in. The trap of living my life based on a list of “should’s” and putting everybody’s happiness before my own. I was determined to find another way.

I started with focusing on improving my gut, as I knew that’s where my health stemmed from.  We started eating more fermented foods, and adding in regular probiotics to our diet. I continued to learn more about how cellular nutrition affects our overall wellbeing, our energy, our focus and emotional resilience. Our family went completely raw for 30 days to really listen to what our bodies needed and have since cut out dairy completely (although, not cheese – what’s life without cheese!)

I learned how to do less from Kate Northrup, which surprisingly accelerated my results in my marriage, my mothering and my business.

I now feel like my life is fun. My body feels great and I am energized throughout my day. I enjoy the tasks I choose to take on during my day. My relationships with friends and family have deepened where before they were superficial. The time I spend with my kids is fun, not draining.

And I didn’t have to move to Bali to discover how.

I’m not going to ask you to give up dairy, or go raw for the month. I’m not going to suggest a talking stick between you and your husband.

I’m going to teach you how to connect with your desires and tweak your habits so that you can feel wonderful every day.



Everything in this program is designed to help you FEEL better.
Here’s a sneek peek of what’s included:


  • 1 month supply of world-class multi vitamins
  • 1 month supply of probiotics


12 recorded videos (3 per week) that cover:


  • Subtle shifts that will increase your energy
  • Making fermented foods at home – sauerkraut, kombucha, coconut yogurt and more
  • How to ask for help in mothering and life
  • Setting boundaries
  • How to get incredible sleep
  • Managing whatever is thrown at you with grase and ease
  • Why you crave the things you do, and what to do about them
  • Easy exercises that can be done quickly from your living room

All for the incredible value of $163

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