When I first heard about Green Smoothies I was very  unwilling to try one. I mean it’s leafy green vegetables in a juice. Even on a good day I sometimes struggle to eat all my veggies, and the only reference I had to vegetable juice was that horrible tomato concoction they sell in super markets and Spirulina.

What I have learned is if you find the right vegetable/fruit ratio it can actually be delicious and very refreshing. I have quite a few go -to green juice, and here is one of my faves:

Large handful of baby spinach
Half a cucumber
The Juice of one half lemon
Half a green apple
Handful of coriander
Bit of fresh ginger
1 cup of coconut water ( If you’ve used fresh coconut juice you can add some coconut flesh)

Blend all of the ingredients together in a powerful blender or juicer and enjoy!




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