You may have noticed that i’ve been very quiet on Social Media lately, and for good reason! I’ve just returned from a phenomenal week of connecting with some of the biggest minds in the health and business world.

You see, every year my product partner USANA Health Sciences, host an international convention in the USA and this was my second year to attend. What I love so much about it is it draws in industry leaders from around the globe who are all passionate about making the world happier and healthier.

This year was particularly special for me as I as recognised on stage, in front of 10,000 attendees for the contribution I have made to help people with their health, here in the Asia/Pacific. I’m not sure anyone can get used to standing in front of that many people but the feeling was totally epic!

I want to thank every one of you who are reading this blog, and have allowed me into your lives to help you find the health solutions you are looking for. You are a big part of this award too.



I’ve been reviewing my notes from the conference and it would be impossible to sum up five days of ah-ha moments from the week but I wanted to share some of my highlights with you.

Here are six inspiring messages that I heard that I think you should know too: 

  1. From Dr Dennis Waitley ” The two greatest things you can give your loved ones are roots and wings”. 
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    Firstly, I love this man. I was invited to be a part of a small group to have drinks with him before the conference started where I was able to chat to him briefly. Anyone who has talked with him will agree that he has a very gentle manner that will leave you feeling uplifted.
    He is one of the most respected personal development and high performance achievement speakers in the world, having worked with Fortune 500 executives, NASA astronauts, Olympians, World leaders and has sold over 10 million copies of his audio programs. It’s fair to say he is pretty good at what he does!

    During his session he said ” The two greatest things you an give your loved ones are roots and wings”. This resonated with me for a number of reasons, but most importantly with regards to my son. I want him to grow up feeling firmly rooted in our love and beliefs, and at the same time give him the wings he needs to create his own life. It was a moving message.

2. From USANA 

unnamedUSANA has a brand new line of healthy protein smoothies and bars called MySmartFoods and they are soo so tasty! What’s even better is they are clean, come in whey, vegan and soy options and have virtually no GI impact!
I attended a whole training session on these amazing products and can not wait to share them with you once they are released in the new year.

3. From Darren Hardy ” We’ve arrived at the Dawn of the connected age” 

unnamed (1)
You all know that Darren Hardy is one of my favourite Personal Development Coaches. He is the publisher of Success Magazine and has access to the biggest and brightest minds in the world.

What he reminded us of is that orphans in Africa now have more connection to the world than former President Nixon had to The Pentagon when he was in office. Gone are the days where only a select few can become millionaires though the connections of the elite. Here, in the connected age anyone can build a multi-million dollar business from scratch from nothing more than an iPhone. Hard work and resilience are needed also, but it’s all accessible to us and in a few years I will be living proof of this. Take my word for it 🙂

4. From Dr Libby Weaver ” Eat your veggies and take your multivitamins & fish oil everyone!” 

unnamed (2)
We heart Dr Libby right?! If for some reason you have no idea who she is, Dr. Libby is Australasia’s leading nutrition expert, a world-renowned biochemist and USANA’s Global Health Educator.

She reminded us of the vital importance that micro nutrition- vitamins, minerals and antioxidants play in every single process in your body. After all, we are just one big organism full of biochemical processes.



5. From Dr. Oz ” Beware of the Three C’s” 

unnamed (3)
 We all know that Dr Oz is filled with health and lifestyle advice. During his session he identified three C’s that can pull you down in life. They are Comparison, Control and Criticism.

In short, be mindful of when these things are showing up in your life and do your best to get rid of them!They bring unnecessary negativity which can make you feel like you’re failing even though you’re not!
6. From Dr. Myron Wentz ” Fat does not make you fat” 

unnamed (4)
Dr Wentz is a world-renowned microbiologist & immunologist and founder of USANA.
Earlier in the year I heard him speak in Singapore and this time round was no different – I have no idea where to begin! What stuck out to me most was the reminder that dietary fat does not make you fat. That’s right folks.

Even better – Good fats can help you lose and maintain weight, which is why USANA incorporated coconut oil into the new MySmartFoods. After I’ve had a chance to review my notes I’ll write a more in depth blog post about fats for ya’ll.

On top of the incredible learning and workshops, they have amazing social events like the outdoor concert and the 5k Charity run. I’m just going to put it out there- if you are single and wanting access to a large group of healthy, entrepreneurial peeps then the meat market doesn’t get better than this 🙂 So join me next year! I would love to take anybody who wants to learn more about health, business or having a great life with me and my tribe.





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