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The Best Exercise Ever

Does it seem like everyone you know has got into fitness in a big way lately? I think the trend is fabulous, and there are thousand of exercises and options to choose from. Many claim to be The Best, kinda like this place claims to have the worlds best cup of coffee....

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Sugar Free Easter Egg Ideas

My mum almost had a heart attack when I told her my kids were getting rocks instead of chocolate eggs for Easter this year. Call me the Grinch of Easter, but my kids don't even know to ask for chocolate eggs because we haven't set them up to expect them. For me it's...

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Why I Love The Dirty M Word

As an Airbnb host naturally I've joined a FB support group filled with hosts around the world. Today one post caught my attention. It started with " I'm not doing Airbnb for the money..." With lowered eyebrows I immediately closed my lap top. Seriously? Am I the only...

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All The Things!

I dropped my little girl off to daycare last week and then sat in the car and cried. It wasn't even her first day, she's been going for two weeks. But, here's the thing. I really want to be an entrepreneur. I want to make money from home. I also want to be a great...

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How To Make Winter Suck Less

  So we are reaching that awful time in winter where there isn’t anything that great to look forward to. We are into the winter blues. Grey, rainy days. Threats of storms come and go on a weekly basis. The temperatures continue to plummet into the single digits...

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