Hey I'm Tiffany.

As you’ve probably guessed, helping people to live a more wonderful life is kinda my thing.

I grew up in Auckland and lived most of my life with not much more than ” Carbs are not good” as the extent of my health knowledge.

After years of struggling with average health, little energy and a constant obsession with my weight I finally got off the self improvement hamster wheel and decided to make healthy living and self care a way of life.
And as cheesy as it sounds, I believe that great wellbeing can transform the world. When we feel good about ourselves, it translates into positive actions, and this creates a ripple effect which can literally change the world. This is my goal. To change the world through healing people.

I run my business in partnership with the worlds highest rated nutritional supplements- USANA Health Sciences. After being introduced to them by Dr Libby Weaver five years ago I have watched how they have transformed my own health and the health of those around me. I have continued to use them with my customers and in my work because they are at the forefront of nutritional science.

Dancing is also a big part of my life. I certified as a Bokwa Dance Fitness instructor shortly after our family relocated to Tauranga, and have been teaching here since. If you’re a local, check out the timetable.

When I’m not coaching or dancing you’ll likely find me indulging in chocolate and the occasional episode of PJ Mask with my kids.

Get to know us more on Facebook or Instagram where you will find the over documentation of our lives.

Tiffany x

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