The 30 Day Beach Bum Challenge came to a close earlier this week. For those who are not familiar with what I am talking about the beach bum is a transformational program that was designed to help women love themselves enough to rock their fitness, nutrition and self care goals. It is NOT a diet and it is NOT about the rules, it’s about having fun!

My hubby suggested we post before and after pics of our booties- totes inappropes dude! It was soooo much more than just working on our beautiful tush.

Here are the components of the program:

1069401_10151489569472038_21284234_nWhat I love about this program is that it’s totally flexible and it works on health from the inside out. There were about 400 women who participated from all over the globe and shared their recipes and tips on our Facebook support page, which is my favorite thing about the program. In what other environment will people high five you every day and cheer you on? Things are so much easier when you are not having to do them alone.

I didn’t follow the squat plan EXACTLY- but by day 31 I was definitely pumping out 250 squats which is way more than I ever thought I would be able to do when I started the program.

photo (100) photo (91)photo (99)

One of my friends who completed the challenge has suffered from Lupus most of her life. She sent me this message earlier in the week:

Now that the 30 day beach bum challenge is set and done I do want to drop a few lines and express the positive effect it had on our entire house. I was successful in so many ways because of the daily posts and supports. The recipes were invaluable….i looked forward to them daily and then tried them out. It was nice to be part of a positive collective group that was focusing on not only ‘wellness’, but positive body image. I am going to be 47 this year and that is the FIRST time I have ever gone on a meal modification and exercise goal, that worked daily on the positive mental image of the body and soul, because they are connected. Though I was side tracked for two weeks cooking for 15 plus people who were not on the same ‘track’ I was….they ate healthier and I didn’t finish the challenge feeling like a failure. It is a great launching point. I’ve started the squat challenge over and have continued with ‘two a day’ shakes. I know for a fact that the lupus episodes that have been so ‘minimal’ this past month though the demands and stress were so high, are reflective in the mind, body, soul affect of the program we just finished. Success!!

I’m SURE the Beach Bum will be back sometime this year so keep your eyes peeled so that you can rock it with us! Check out the hashtag #30daybeachbum for more info.

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