There is no better time to decide to be happy then at the start of the day! Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Take a cold shower: Ok, so this might not be that much fun but a blast of cold water in the morning makes a great anti-depressant because it stimulates noradrenaline secretion in the brain (ha! I learned a fancy word), which is associated with improving mood disorders.

2. Drink a green smoothie: Preferably one with spinach or kale as they are both high in B vitamins and B6 in particular helps to regulate moods. A yummy combo is: Spinach ( or silverbeet), 1 cup of coconut water and a frozen banana.

3. Pump up the jams: Listening to music you love has been proven to release your motivation neurotransmitter, dophamine. Nothing like a little Michael Jackson in the morning!

4. Pop a happy pill: A daily multi-vitamin can ease anxiety and depression AND increase mental energy, which in turn will lift your mood. Make sure it’s of high quality and contains vitamins, magnesium and zinc as a start. Usana’s Essentials come highly rated- by Dr Libby herself!

5. Give the bed a workout: Did I just go there? Yup, i’m talking about THAT. It’s been proven that a runners high activates the same brain circuit that gives you pleasure when you orgasm. So skip the gym, stay in bed!

6. Smile: It’s pretty simple and takes fewer muscles than a frown. It will also spark a sensory feedback and make YOU HAPPY!

7. Snack: A mid morning snack like chocolate covered nuts will give you a daily dose of selenium which boosts both dopamine and serotonin.

8. Laugh: Enough said

9: Exercise: It doesn’t’ have to be running, just something you enjoy. Swimming, yoga, dancing are all great too. If this isn’t your thing first thing in the morning then refer to #5.

10. ¬†Give a little: Doesn’t it make you feel GOOD when you give to others? I am not sure about the research on this one, but it always works for me.



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